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This is where I tell you about me and my journey as an over the road truck driver transitioning to become a glamour portrait photographer in the Ft Worth area.

A little bit about me, and why I want to be a portrait photographer

A bit about me…

Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a great day where ever you may be! I’m sitting here at home updating my website,  so I thought I would write some and tell you a bit more about me and why I’m so attracted to portrait photography.

First things first

I'm not your typical female photographer. Many of us photographers who don't do photography full time have "day" job's. My "day" job is that I'm an over the road truck driver and I drive with my husband. We come home roughly once a month and that's when I schedule my photo shoots. With technology today, it's not too difficult to edit photos and to send them to the lab while traveling. It can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to edit one shoot with at least 100 well chosen images.  Now, I'm editing these photos after my 11 hour day of driving or when we are down for a day or two waiting for another load.  Driving a truck over the road isn't like your typical day job.  I usually work 11-14 hours a day and this usually lasts 6-7 days. When ever I get some down time, I'm usually on my computer editing photos in between picking our loads for the next week.  

The next thing about me 

I was a tomboy in my youth and I still am. I've worn boots most of my adult life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE high heels and fancy shoes, I just can't wear them! I also love beautiful dresses, but just not practical to wear while driving a truck.  I wish I could go barefoot, but that isn't practical either, so it's either athletic shoes or boots for me. I love blue jeans, capris and light weight long sleeve shirts (I don't wan the sun to damage my skin any more!) is pretty much my attire at the moment.  The more comfortable it is, the better! Oh, and I don't wear makeup, and more power to you beautiful women that can do that in the humidity and heat in the south! I praise all of you that can do that and not melt!!

Truck driving is getting old and so am I...

I've been a truck driver since I was 18 years old and in the Army.  I continued this profession even after getting my Associates Degree in Psychology and Math.  It really was the best paying job for me at the time, and I truly enjoyed it.  When my husband and I decided to become over the road truckers together, it was wonderful.  Where else can you get paid to see the countryside?  I enjoy and love being with my husband, I know, a bit weird, huh? I think that and the paycheck is about the only 2 things keeping me in this job right now.  As much as I love photographing people and showing them the beauty they possess, I still need a definitive income during this transition.   I still have to pay the bills just like everyone else.  

I've always loved taking pictures...

Ever since I was a kid of about 10, I've had a camera.  Blame my grandparents for this, they're the ones that got me my first, second and I think my third camera.  I was the one in the family that was always taking pictures.  I never learned to process my own film though, and I hope to do this in the near future, but I sure did enjoy getting the photos from the developers.  I'm also the one in the family that seems to get a lot of the family photos.  I love getting the old photos! I scan them and put them on one of my external drives, and I print the really special ones for family.  I love having the print, you can't beat sitting down with your family looking through old photo albums. The shared memories and the shared stories are the best! That's something you really can't do with digital, usually digitals stay on the computer or drive and you rarely see them again. I think that's why I'm so passionate about people getting their prints when I photograph them.  I want them to have something physical in their hands that they can be proud of and happy to share with family and loved ones. 

Well, that's a little bit about me

I hope this first blog post will give you a little insight to me and my character.  I encourage you to check out my portfolio and see if there is a look that you might want to recreate or if you have some ideas of your own drop me a line or call me so we can create a photo shoot just for you.  

Enjoy life, enjoy the day and take lots of photos for the memories! Peace out!